If You Like Taking Gym Selfies

Gym Selfies

If You Like Taking Gym Selfies, That’s Fine, But You’re Wrong And I Hate You

Did everyone enjoy that additional reference? Good. Now, we are going to enter: Gym selfies are the worst. Well, in reality, the selfies, in general, are the worst, but that is a completely different article, and I suspect that you would like to get home to dinner with your children tonight, so I will wait.

I should probably go back a bit, right? Okay, here we go: I was in the gym the other day, jogging on the elliptical like a majestic gazelle because that’s how I look when I exercise, and I definitely don’t like this:

But, again, that is not the point at this time. So there I was, elliptical, like adjustment and fashion ~*basic-bit*~ I am, and I decided that it was probably better than progressing in my training process before sweating all the painting of the machine painting. So, I go to the baby free weight section for small baby arms, trying not to Make sure my shape is up to it. Do you know why? Because Betches stops taking selfies in the gym.

I’m serious. They did not even have the decency to occupy the space of the mirror in the locker room, which would probably not bother me less, but still, it is polite, right? But here they were, occupying the main space of the mirror, preventing me from seeing me pumping some severe iron, Arnold Schwarzenegger style. And it was really annoying.

Gym SelfiesNow, I know what many of you are thinking. “Sara, you just don’t like gym selfies because you’re jealous that all these other ladies look like glamorous beauty queens, and you look like a fallen and fall beast when you have finished in the gym.” And you know what? While that may be true, that really has nothing to do with that. To begin with, it is more about my attitude towards exercise and why I and many other men and women are in the gym. The vanity that comes with the need to take a gym selfie is something that seems unpleasant to me, I honestly prefer playing some idn poker online and it is that kind of attitude that I do not like to be working when I am working in my physical state. It is the same reason why Planet Fitness has all those “unless” campaigns, not one, regardless of their physical condition ability or level, wants to go to the gym and feel that they are participating in some contest that did not sign that they did not sign. Up to.

I think it also talks about our inability, especially in my generation, to maintain something for ourselves. Personally, I really don’t need people to know exactly what I am doing when I do. I am not a fan of Snapchat Stories. I do not register with Foursquare or any new application that children are using these days to tell the Internet and also all the stalkers where they are, and, despite the fact that I write this column, I honestly do not care if not people You know how often or do I exercise. Frankly, my life is not a matter of anyone, and I really do not like the mentality of “photos or did not happen” that many people have today. When did it become the photographic documentation to complete even the most inconsequential daily activities?

So yes, maybe my frustration with the selfies of gymnastics has more to do with my general frustration with the current social attitude of having to document every time someone blows their nose, but guys, in reality, it is supposed to leave All that garbage in the door gym. I barely believe that the weight room is a sacred place, but if you are going to do some real work https://rafhael.org/, it is better to stop worrying about what people see, what people think and what people know about you during the time That you are there. It is really not so difficult to do.

But, again, I love it when male celebrities take selfies without a shirt after they work, so maybe I am only a great hypocritical. What.